Major threats
are impacting
internet browsing

With the accelerated shift to remote work, 2020 saw a 57% increase in ransomware attacks globally. This comes as little surprise, as working outside the corporate firewall exposes users to a whole slew of internet-based threats that would otherwise be blocked at the network level. As over 10,000 new malicious files and 100,000 new malicious websites are discovered by Check Point every single day, preventing threats from ever reaching users becomes critical, with retroactive detection and mitigation often proving to be too little too late. So, how do you preemptively protect your users as they access the internet for work and personal use and prevent the latest phishing and malware attacks?

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5 key considerations for choosing the optimal

Internet Access Security

Complete protection

Against phishing, malicious downloads and websites, data loss, ransomware, browser exploits and more…

Future-proof Security

The ability to block never seen before malicious files and phishing attacks

100% traffic inspection

Ensure you can inspect 100% of traffic, including SSL and new HTTPS protocol versions

User Experience

Block internet-based attacks with minimal impact on user browsing experience and speed


Ensure user privacy regarding browser history and GDPR compliance

Check Point Harmony

A revolution in Internet Access security

Check Point Harmony provides remote users with the fastest and safest browsing experience through an innovative internet access security solution (both cloud-based and on-device) that delivers complete protection from all internet-based threats:

Malicious download

Phishing protection

URL filtering

Content Disarm and
Reconstruction (CDR)

Data Loss Prevention

Browser exploit

Corporate credential
reuse prevention

Choose between two deployment models

Choose between a cloud-based security service and on-device protection, or combine the two layers to enhance overall protection.

Harmony Connect Internet Access

A cloud-based secure web gateway service that deploys within minutes and makes it easy for remote users to securely access the internet from any device, with zero impact on their browsing experience.

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Harmony Browse

Delivers web security from an innovative NanoAgent® within a browser, inspecting all SSL traffic on the endpoint and preventing malicious behaviors while ensuring fast web access.

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Part of Check Point Harmony

The industry’s first unified security solution for users, devices and access

Check Point Harmony consolidates six security products to provide uncompromised protection for remote users in
a single solution that is easy to use, manage and buy.

What is Harmony and why should it really interest you? Watch this short video:

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