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Email and collaboration apps have become the most fundamental tools for businesses these days.

Not surprisingly, email is also one of the most exploited channels, with Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks accounting for over 50% of losses caused by cybercrime (according to the FBI).

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From phishing to malicious attachment and links, threats to email and collaboration apps are many and can be extremely sophisticated and targeted. So what can a malicious email do you ask? Let’s explore that:

5 key considerations when choosing the optimal

Email and collaboration
apps security

Keeping your Office 365, Google Workspace or on-prem email environment secure has to be
a top priority for businesses of all sizes. Here are the 5 key considerations for an optimal security solution:

Phishing protection

Choose a solution that leverages AI-based engines to block the most sophisticated, never seen before phishing attacks

Malware protection

Choose a solution that employs CDR (content disarm and reconstruction) to deliver clean attachments and files in seconds, while blocking evasive malware through AI-based static & dynamic file analysis

Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

Choose a solution that allows you to set custom policies specific to your needs and automatically blocks outbound sensitive information on email & collaboration apps

Internal threat protection

Since attacks can move laterally within your organization, choose a solution that can scan and block threats originating in emails from inside the corporate network

All around security in a one-stop-shop

To ensure total security and reduce operational complexity, choose a solution that protects both email and collaboration apps in one easy to manage platform

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Email & collaboration apps Security

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Check Point Harmony Email & Office

The New Era of Email & Collaboration Apps Security

Harmony Email & Office protects your users from all imminent threats to cloud and on-prem mailboxes, as well as collaboration apps such as Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and Google Drive. On top of providing the best security, Harmony Email & Office offers operational simplicity with an easy to deploy, manage and use platform.

Harmony Email & Office provides:

Complete Protection

Protects email and collaboration apps from phishing, malware, malicious links and sensitive data loss

Highest level of security

99.8% block rate for phishing
and malware*

Simple to deploy and manage

A cloud-based solution that deploys in minutes with out-of-the-box configuration, intuitive web UI and a single platform for all security functionality

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Check Point Harmony consolidates six security products to provide uncompromised protection for remote users in
a single solution that is easy to use, manage and buy.

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