When it comes to remote access, Never trust, always verify

As enterprises adopt remote work en masse, securing enterprise applications and networks is becoming imperative. With no perimeter firewall to secure your most sensitive assets, how do you ensure that only the right people have least privilege access to the right resources? And how do you do that without slowing them down?

Traditional solutions, such as VPN infrastructure, increase the risk of lateral movement, provide no visibility into what users are actually doing, and cannot support BYOD and third party users. Nor can they scale with agility.

The shift to mobile, cloud and remote work calls for a different architecture—one referred to as Zero Trust Network Access, or ZTNA.
If you think of a network like a nightclub, then traditional network access is like having the host confirm your reservation and simply open the door. Zero trust access is like having the host confirm your reservation (using multiple IDs) and then having someone escort you to your table and monitor the premises throughout your stay.

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6 Best Practices for
Zero-Trust Corporate Access

When embarking on your journey to zero-trust access, adhere to the six principles outlined below and choose a solution that can ensure their implementation:

Least privilege
access policy

A particular user should only be granted just enough privileges to allow them to complete a particular task. For example, an engineer who only deals with updating lines of legacy code does not need access to financial records.

all users

Deliver zero-trust access across the entire organization including employees, DevOps and third parties such as partners and contractors, while providing support for web applications, databases, remote desktops, and SSH remote terminals.

Client-based and clientless
remote access

Choose a solution that offers both deployment methods as well as the ability to securely scale remote access within minutes.


Choose a strategy and services that create the most frictionless and SaaS-like experience for the team and support BYOD.

authentication (MFA)

Strictly verify the identity of every user accessing the network using multiple factors. Ensure these factors can be adjusted depending on the sensitivity of the data/resources being accessed.

Monitor and audit

Monitor and review all user activity across the network to identify any suspicious activity in real time.

Six Best Practices for Zero Trust Corporate Access

Read this white paper to learn how you can successfully implement trust access to your corporate applications.


Check Point Harmony Connect
Securely Connect to Everything

Harmony Connect Remote Access makes it easy to connect any user to any enterprise application, without compromising on security. Built to prevent the most advanced cyber-attacks, Harmony Connect Remote Access is a cloud-based service that deploys in 5 minutes and applies Zero Trust policies with a breezy user experience.

Harmony Connect offers the flexibility to choose between
both client-based and clientless remote access

Clientless access

Provides employees and contractors secure and easy access to enterprise applications from a web browser from any device (even unmanaged mobile and home PCs).

Client-based access (coming soon)

Utilizes a VPN agent to provide full network-layer access to corporate networks and applications for managed devices.

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Looking to scale remote access with agility?
Explore an alternative to VPN, with clientless ZTNA-as-a-service.

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